Shillong Teer Common Number: Today’s Prediction, Results, and More

Shillong Teer

Shillong Teer is a unique game run by the Meghalaya Lottery department. It stands out among other lottery systems because it’s not purely based on luck, but also involves a degree of skill. This game, which is played by the Khashi Hills Archery Sports Organization at the Polo Ground from Monday to Saturday, has garnered a massive following due to its distinctive format and rewarding payouts.

What is Shillong Teer?

Overview of the game

Shillong Teer is a traditional betting game played in Meghalaya, India. It involves predicting the number of arrows that will hit the target during an archery match. The game merges tradition, sport, and lottery into one unique experience.

How it is organized

Each day, 50 archers shoot arrows at a target, and participants in the game predict the number of arrows that will land on the target. The game is organized into two rounds, and the number of arrows hitting the target in each round forms the “Teer result.”

Unique aspects of the game

What makes Shillong Teer unique is that it’s not only a game of chance, but also a cultural event. The game is played following traditional customs and is deeply embedded in the local culture.

How to Participate in Shillong Teer?

Process of purchasing numbers

To participate in Shillong Teer, players need to purchase “Teer numbers” from 0 to 99 from authorized Teer betting counters. They then bet on the number of arrows that will hit the target during the match.

Available Teer counters

There are numerous authorized Teer betting counters spread across Meghalaya where one can buy the tickets. Some counters also offer the facility to buy tickets online.

Process of determining winners

The winners are determined based on the last two digits of the number of arrows that hit the target in each round.

Shillong Teer Timings

Weekly schedule

The game is played from Monday to Saturday every week. There are two rounds every day, and the shooting begins at 3:30 PM for the first round and 4:30 PM for the second round.

Timing for the announcement of results

The results of the first round are usually announced around 4:00 PM, and the results of the second round are announced around 5:30 PM.

Location and ticket sales

Tickets are sold until 3:20 PM, right before the start of the game at the Polo Ground in Shillong.

Shillong Teer Results

Shillong Teer result is the number of arrows that hit the target in each round.

Shillong Teer Result Today (15-6-2023)

4:00 PM63
5:25 PM56

Shillong Teer Common Number (15-6-2023)


Shillong Teer Target (15-6-2023)


Shillong Teer Previous Results (Excerpts)


Shillong Teer Calculations and Predictions

Explanation of Shillong Teer calculations and formulas

Calculations in Shillong Teer are primarily used to predict the Teer Common Number. They are based on mathematical formulas involving the previous day’s results.

Description of common number predictions

Common Number, or “Teer Hit Number,” is a number predicted using mathematical calculations. It’s the most likely number that may win in the next draw.

Explanation of how to use previous results to predict targets

The results of previous games are used to predict the next day’s “Hit Number.” Many experienced players keep track of historical results and use them to calculate the next likely winning numbers.


In summary, Shillong Teer is an extraordinary game that blends culture, sport, and betting. Its uniqueness lies in the marriage of archery skills and the thrill of predicting the outcome. While it’s open for anyone to participate, understanding its nuances and using mathematical formulas to predict the winning number adds an extra layer of intrigue to the game. Remember, the key to a good prediction lies in carefully tracking previous results and using them to make calculated predictions.